Conscious of its obligations towards environment protection, the Management at DCW has been investing money and efforts in progressively implementing pollution control measures.

In this concept, DCW has chosen to first exploit the opportunities of cleaner production techniques and then set pollution control measures only for residual pollution. This approach not only results in resource savings, but also helps to cut down the treatment cost of pollutants; in turn leading to lower cost of production.

DCW has been upgrading its process, plants and equipment to assimilate environmental protection measures in a progressive manner in line with the universally accepted principles of 3Rs viz. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.The Company is also effectively operating an advanced wastewater treatment plant using Nano and Reverse Osmosis Process for effecting Zero Effluent Discharge. Safety and Environment protection are given focused attention at both plant locations, and have achieved significant results in energy conservation efforts; which continue to be an ongoing initiative.

The Sahupuram Unit has embarked in implementing QHSE Management System and acquired ISO 9001 QMS; OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 EMS standards.

For the sustainable development on the Environmental Management System, the effective tool in the QHSE Management System Objectives, various activities like Green Card Audit System, Department Specific Awareness Programs on sharing environmental aspects and its related pollution control measures have been vigorously carried out.

World Environment Day and National Conservation Day are celebrated on 5th June and 24th November, respectively, every year. To mark the occasion, our employees carry out a massive tree plantation in the Plant area and various other areas of the township. To emphasize the eco-friendly culture, environmental awareness posters and stickers are distributed on these occasions.

DCW has incorporated various air pollution control measures viz., state of art sodium hypo chlorite plant for fugitive emission control, three field electro static precipitator for dust control, cyclone separators and scrubbing system at various source emission locations.

On the part of solid waste management, DCW has taken various initiatives to minimize the waste generation and developed secure and safe landfill arrangements for safe storing of solid waste.

The Sahupuram Unit has developed an effective and pleasing green belt, which would be systematically extended to cover more areas in the plant and township.

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Environment Statement
Environment Clearance Compliance
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