DCW Begins

The DCW story goes back to 1925 when the foundation stone of India’s first Soda Ash factory at Dhr-angadhra a small principality in the state of Gujarat in West India, was laid. The plant was taken over in 1939 and run under the name of Dhrangadhra Che-mical Works. To wish the venture luck, the company adopted the horseshoe as their corporate logo, which stands till today, and is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence for the company. It is said that every oak begins as an as acorn. The process of growth at DCW received a major impetus in 1959 with the commissioning of the chlor-alkali plant at Sahupuram in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. From once being a barren land, the complex today the complex has made its mark on the chemical map of India as well as the world. Growth at the chlor-alkali complex  was rapid as between 1965 and 1970 three plants were erected that turned the co-product chlorine into a money spinner; a liquid chlorine plant in 1965, the country’s first tri-chloroethylene plant in 1968 and an integrated PVC resin plant in 1970- making the company one of the first in the nascent petrochemicals field. In the same year, 1970, the company set up a plant to manufacture Upgraded Ilmenite, the first of its kind in Asia, and even today,  one of the few of its kind in the world. In 1986, to reflect the expanded activity spectrum, and its emergence as multi-product and multi-locational company, the corporate name was changed simply to DCW Ltd. DCW has certainly come a long way since its small beginnings and is now one of India’s formidable and most respected chemical companies.